Today begins a very important, fun, healthy way to raise money for the Keller Elementary PTA! The PTA is raising money to fund PTA programs, field trips, assemblies, technology, classroom supplies, playground improvements and equipment. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle to our students and the community. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting our Huskies Run.

● We have teamed up with The Get Movin’ Fund Hub© to make this event fun and profitable.

● Please help us by helping your child raise a total of $50.00 in donations.

● It’s easy! Just help your child gather 5, $10.00 flat donations, or more.

Follow these Simple Steps to Success!

1. Register your child for the Huskies Run by visiting

2. Friends and family want to help your child be successful and share in their achievements. Use the student fundraising webpage to promote online donations using the email & social media tools right on their webpage. It’s easy!

3. Watch your child’s Pledge Meter blast to the top fast! Most credit/debit cards are accepted from anywhere in the world. Check your child’s webpage often to see all donations in “real time.”

Our total school goal is $18,000

Event Details:

● Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019

● Final Donation due date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

● We prefer online donations through your child’s webpage.

● Donations in the form of cash & checks (in-school donations), should be turned in to the school using the attached pledge sheet by Wednesday, October 16th .

o Please make checks payable to Keller PTA.

o Cash & check donations will be added to the online tally on October 12th and shortly after the final due date of October 16th .


Want to volunteer at the run? Click here for the Sign Up Genius

Questions? Contact co-chairs at!

Show off your Keller Spirit and wear Keller spirit wear or royal blue/white on the day of the Huskies Run!

Download the flyer for more information and the pledge sheet.


October 26th update - Thank you to our wonderful students, families and teachers for participating in our Huskies Run fall fundraiser.  Keller has surpassed our goal of $18,000 by raising $21,186.66 to date.  We hope our students (and parents via facebook) enjoyed watching Mrs. Dryden get slimed.   All winners have been announced in the slime video on facebook and will be in the November newsletter. 


Thank you to everyone for another great Huskies Run this year.  Thanks to all of the hard work from Keller students and families, we have collected $21,239.23 in donations.  Way to go!  The students will get to watch a video of Mrs. Dryden dining on roasted crickets . 

UPDATE: As of the day of the event, we have raised a whopping $17,600! Way to go Keller friends and family! Congratulations to our hardworking co-chair veterans Michelle Serra Vinluan and Megan Moore O'Shea, all our awesome volunteers including Kohl's, The Royal Oak Middle SchoolBulldog, Meijer & Trader Joes for their donations, Jeffrey Sauger Photography, and Jazzercise Royal Oak Fitness Center for warming up our kids! And, yes, Mrs. Dryden will be chomping down some roasted crickets. Barf.

Can we hit $20,000? We have until October 21 to register and get your last-minute donations in to make this happen. Maybe we could get Mrs. Dryden to eat some dried worms for dessert?! Please register your child(ren) here: if you haven't done so already. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The following teams have already won a hat day by meeting their $1000 classroom goal:

Team Smith $2660.00 (whoa!), 

Team Proper & Team Rahn are tied at $1400.00, 

Team Piwko at $1292.00, 

Team Stanesa at $1280.00, 

Team DerVartanian at $1254.60, 

Team McLeod $1130.00, 

Team Ault $1040.00

Team Liefer $1010.00 Congratulations!